Mission Ella Possible.

General update for the readers.

Today was an interesting day in the Grant household. Actually about as interesting as most days. For all the mothers out there, I am sure you understand. Ella is growing and is very strong!

I have had a difficult time adjusting to the wonders of motherhood, and I am getting better every day. For myself to stay Healthy I take about 5 vitamins, drink fruit smoothies, take mommy breaks and most importantly, remember to breathe.

A friend has helped me here in so many ways this week. She has turned me on to meditation, and other alternatives for relaxation. Having her help has meant so much. I want to thank all of our amazing family and friends that have visited, sent adorable baby items, and helped in some way.

This process with Ella and our growing family is amazing, I look forward to every moment. So mission impossible has changed to Ella possible. We are all doing well and look forward to family coming in town this week!

Will be posting some pictures of the little one soon!

S.E. Grant



Dear Seascape Readers:

Nearly a year since my last post, wanted to let everyone know that still visits, that I am still here and will be making progress to come back to blogging.  The past year has been very exciting, since moving from the Northeast last spring.   Just a quick general update, and will try my best to post more when I am feeling more able to.   Last May, we finally arrived at our new base in Virginia after the run around from San Diego to Connecticut and Connecticut to Virginia.  The timing was difficult as I had recently lost a very close family member, my grandmother Ellen.  Once settled in Virginia, many exciting events seemed to happen all within a very short amount of time (as is life during, between and after PCS’ing as a Navy wife).   I believe the more frequent posts I had mentioned last year during my time in Connecticut, I was still a very happy girlfriend of a wonderful Navy Corpsman.  Once life settled down during late spring, and into the summer of 2011, Jason proposed, and we were married within two-three months time.  Upon arrival in Virginia, we expected that Jason would deploy again very soon.  He did.  Before he left, we decided to begin planning for family, and presto! Baby. 

As of late 2011, we were surprised but very excited to find out that I was pregnant! He left about a month later, and life was tough at times.  Being pregnant with hubby away is not an ideal situation, but little Ella and I got through the lonely days.  We visited our hometown often in Maryland and are very fortunate to have a very supportive family on both sides.  Included in that is all of our amazing friends, who came for extended stays, helped mommy, and kept me busy.  While Jason was gone, I also had a change in employment, which has been absolutely fantastic.  I currently work from home, with a good friend from D.C.  I began volunteering again with NAMI, and have assisted in building a full time force of volunteers for the local affiliate office, and managing outreach and programming.  Jason was gone for a good portion of this year, but arrived early from his deployment just in time to see the excitement of early labor and catch the baby.  Life since he arrived home has been interesting, as we are currently still adjusting to having a very healthy newborn and a neurotic dog that is a little jealous. 

Just a general update on how busy life is here, I don’t have too much Sarah time these days.  I have been adjusting, slowly.   Finally I am beginning to catch up on sleep, and my body is slowly getting used to all of this baby activity.   I find myself wanting to do many, many things, but physically only able to handle a couple at a time.  It is very frustrating when my mind and body do not get along.   Sometimes they do, for instance during the pregnancy.  I am doing my best to get short daily walks in with the Bailey dog while hubby watches the sweet little girl.    Trying to relax or sleep during feedings, which is so very frustrating for me to do.  I am so happy about having the love of my life home with me, and continuing to bond with the new love of my life, Ella Caroline.  She is named after her two grandmothers on both sides, my Grandma Ellen and Jason’s Nani Carol.    It is such a special name to me, as I am named after my grandmothers from both sides of the Ashworths-Rossignols.  In fact, I learned today from family genealogy on my father’s side, that the name Sarah is in fact traced to my great-great grandmother who came from Wales, who in turn named her daughter Sarah, my grandmother on my father’s side.   Very interesting to me anyway.  I look forward to these many exciting years ahead with Ella, and don’t be surprised to see some baby pictures up here every now and again, when she gives me some mommy time.   Until then, will be back.  Thank you for visiting, and I will send more updates soon!

Sarah Ellen

Motivation Proclamation.

Loyal readers might have noticed that I have not posted lately. A lovely friend recently asked me reminded me to post. Its really gotten that bad again? I must confess that for the first time in many many weeks I woke up early. Usually since my job requires a different schedule I am up by 10 am most days. Its amazing what you can get accomplished in the morning. I did four loads of laundry already, phoned mom and dad, ate breakfast, showered, and its only 9:30am. I have forgotten how nice it is having time in the morning to get things checked off my list. If I can keep up this early streak I might even go for a run tomorrow morning! This might not seem like a big deal, but to me it is definitely post-worthy. The best part of my day so far was putting on mismatched shoes and walking out the door to the laundromat. Didn’t realize they were not a pair until I was carrying the laundry back to the apartment. So yes. The song for the day is this, Motivation Proclamation by Good Charlotte. http://youtu.be/zyYjPfSH184

Home is Where is Heart is.

I think I am ripping this off some country song, but I don’t really care. I am extremely happy today, Jason came home yesterday after being away for work for a while. It is strange getting use to this I guess him being away, and going here and there all over the place no matter where we go though as long as we are together it feels like home. When I was growing up I always hated having to move from place to place, from Atlanta where I grew up and had many childhood memories to Pittsburgh. From there, we moved to Southern Maryland to be closer to family and father opened up his own law practice. After moving to Maryland I became so used to packing up, moving again, and realized that with family it doesn’t matter what happens where you go, as long as you have each other. As I adapt to this lifestyle with Jason, I now start to remember those days of endless driving and moving from new places and meet new people as I was younger. It is slightly different when you are an adult, instead of sitting in a classroom I get to work. Instead of playing on the playground I get to sit in traffic. There are many similar challenges, and many similar benefits. I have an amazing family who loves and supports me no matter what. And the best part is, I can visit them within just a few short hours. I have a wonderful fiancee who I absolutely adore. The challenges are there, having to establish new connections, meet new people in an unfamiliar town, finding a job (which I did! check!!), and passing the hours when Jason is away. I miss him terribly when he is gone, for now he will be home and I will enjoy every minute of it. Here is my new home with him, my new family with Jason and Bailey. It has been somewhat difficult as I learn how to adjust, how to make this my life, how to make it home. I know that I have always wanted a home of own, and there are times in my life where I have seen things physically or geographically as temporary. I know in my heart with him, and with his life this is my life too now. This place or wherever we go, with us, is permanent. This commitment to each other is a home that I am not willing to leave. So he comes and goes, I will always be here waiting for you…here in this home in my heart.

Walking Hazard

Hi there! I know it has been awhile since I posted. Last time you heard from me I had mentioned I would be moving from Norwich, CT to Virginia Beach, VA. Well after a long month of changes we are finally nice a settled. Since March, I have moved from San Diego, to the North East and snow storm. After living in Connecticut for less than 2 months we moved from CT to VA Beach early May and made a pretty smooth transition.

Now it is time folks as I am learning my way around town and Jason packs up for training and soon after a deployment, to get things together and find employment. As I begin my search and work on my resume I am learning that it a little more difficult than I thought it would be. Especially since I dont know many people around here, I havent really established a network or support system yet. As I am not a Military “wife” yet…(yes readers I will be sending you details about the wedding as I have them… right now we are planning a winter/christmas ceremony) I do not really have the ties or relationships to other wives yet in the community. I do know other wives but they are either preggers or playing in the house with their children. Me, not that I don’t like or want kids because I do and I am great with kids its just that I am totally not ready for that and can’t think of things to say to them. I say random things like, hey you want to go out tonight? or do you want me to grab some beer? (to the pregnant wife)…

Now getting to the point of this post. A wise friend once dubbed me with this nickname of walking hazard. I want this person to know that maybe to you I might always be the so called “walking hazard” but I also want you (you know who you are), others and myself that I am going to take this nickname off the Sarah nickname pole. You can call me Sarbear, Sexy Beast, or Sarah Ellen, but no Walking Hazard. The history behind this nickname I am not sure how it started but I am sure it had something to do with the fact that my freshman year of college I was doing my signature dinosaur walk, puking projectile vomit onto nice white leather couches of frat houses, or running into things, or perhaps this person felt the need to label me and perhaps I might learn from my mistakes. Well oh wise one, I am letting you know after almost 10 years..almost…I am starting to.

So anyway right now as I prepare myself for the next year and a half I am trying to remember that I can do this, I have done it before. Bailey will keep me entertained. So this time is the time to focus on employment but also my career path. I want to go back to school, it is never too late I don’t think. I will remember to keep doing the things I love.

Around town in lovely NE.

Well its mid-April and finally the first signs of spring. One tulip in the garden is blooming, trees are budding (somewhat) , the sun is thinking about coming out to play. In the meantime I am enjoying my time here as I try to figure out whether on a daily basis if I am moving next month or staying in Connecticut for a couple more months. No one knows for sure unfortunately. Jason has yet to receive his formal orders to VA and until that happens we are stuck in limbo living in CT. I don’t mind if completely. I like CT.
Jason has his local hangout, the “Harp and Dragon” just down the street, pictured here… where I must take him for brunch if he is to possibly go to church with me on Sundays. This is his favorite place to watch the games or hang out with his buddies from work, drink a Guinness and enjoy some irish grub.

After Church, and err...early morning brunch and bloody marys

Bailey enjoys the new digs very much. There are lots of windows and he can always keep an eye on whats going on. He also gets plenty of love and attention for Jason. Here he is hanging out with Jason then begging for more rubs on the floor…

Bailey posing for the camera

Last weekend was J’s bday, so I surprised him with Capitals v Rangers playoff tickets at Madison Square Garden last Sunday afternoon. We drove down not bad, about three hours…and attempted to do some sightseeing before the game.

J @ MSG b4 the catcalls

We decided to try the Empire state building first and if there was time, Time square. Well, neither happened. Yes we went to the game and had some lunch prior. Even spent the good money on the tourist trap tickets for the virtual tour of the Empire State Building and Observation deck. Never made it. Stood in lines for literally two and half hours… Literally. Two hours of that was just for the virtual tour…the other was wasted on an ill run security check that is run by the biggest buffoons I have ever seen trying to maintain professionalism.

So success, for J’s birthday he said he had a great one. He loved his presents and the trip…although we didn’t have time to do much sightseeing there is always next time. I will try and convince him that a broadway show is just as important as seeing the Caps play however next time :)

Getting ready for the game!

So long Norwich CT, Hello Little Creek VA

It has been a nice little visit to Norwich Connecticut. It is a beautiful area. Got our apartment in a nice area of town. Finally settled in with all the furniture, bedroom set and finally a mattress! Even have my closet organized. I like it here ALOT. However. Duty calls. Jason was unable to get permanent orders in Norwich. Which is a good thing for his career. He was able to get amazing orders to a operational unit out of Little Creek VA. That is where we will be heading in a couple months. I don’t know the dates exactly, what Jason will be doing or what will happen. But that is okay with me. I just need to start over again. Start planning my life around our new location. We will possibly be in Virginia for the next couple years.. (I am serious this time..)

I was aimlessly walking around the town of Norwich today. I took some pictures of my favorite places. The wharf down by the river. The main street. City Hall literally 500 yards from my apartment. The beautiful gardens and rocky hills as I pass. I pause and wonder what life would be like here would things have been different. I know this is good for Jason. I actually love the Northeast. But this is what it is. My home my family is with Jason now and wherever he is I am too.

I will definitely miss Norwich. The picture below is a street where Jason and I spend alot of time in the late afternoon for happy hour or late mornings for an irish brunch at the local irish pub. The community around here is so lovely. Everyone from my Mediterranean Homies, to the ladies at the local library. The women at the rectory at my local church St. Patrick and even the priest Fr. Tony has been amazing. I am so lucky in this short amount of time to have found such a community. I am sure wherever I go I will find the same. When I go to Little Creek it will be different I am sure not as nice as the people here. But at least it will be warmer.

So finally, I am looking forward to the change. Since the moment I met Jason, (It is after all today our two year anniversary)….He asked me shortly into our “courtship”…Will you come with me to California. Without hesitation I said yes. I knew. I knew that he was an amazing guy. That he would be the one for me. That was in May 2009. Since then we have moved from Maryland (where we are originally from)….to San Diego, CA (1 yr 1/2)…to Norwich,CT….now Little Creek VA….

Whatever happens wherever we go I know that everything will work out. I love him dearly and if he is gone I will start over and find another community…another little world of my own. Bailey will always be with me. My family will be alot closer. I will love it there in VA too. And best of all….PAIGE lives there!~ So in essence all will work out fine…

General Update….

Dear seascape readers….

I have very mixed feelings about the news I have to report. Jason called me from work this morning. When he calls me during the day it is never good news.

Just some background and some of you know I have only been in Connecticut less than a month, about three weeks. We are getting our new bedroom furniture delivered tomorrow. I have found a church that I absolutely love…and somewhat already become attached. Making plans for the future somewhat nothing permanent. Just talk, tentatively setting dates. The town is lovely, the people are wonderful and have been so nice to me as I learn my way around town. Now.

So I get a call today. There is a good possibility that we will be moving again. Not right away. But in the next few months. To another duty station where Jason will be not in the clinic where he is operating now. I am not sure how I feel. I know what I have to do, I know I have to say hey, thats the NAVY life Baby! I am just surprised I guess. Now what to do…

I guess I am going to take it one step at a time. One day at a time. Jason is here, Bailey is here. I have found a community of people in the meantime, with the the church and I am getting in touch with the local NAMI. Hopefully I can figure out. How to cope. How to be in this world of the NAVY. He is used to it. He has done it for years. But it has always just been him, his truck and his seabag. Now it is us. We have a family. We are being moved around all over the country every other year, Maryland to San Diego to Connecticut….now who knows? All I know is want to be with Jason, and support him and his career. I need to figure out how to support myself at the same time.

Adventures in Norwich CT

Well we made here about two weeks ago. I am just starting to get my bearings. I am officially the owner of the Otis Library card today in Norwich CT. Very excited about that. That means I can get on the internet here instead of bothering my local Mediterranean Cafe “homies” who have this past week have really been a life saver. Basically my car is in the shop for a new alternator…My Mediterranean “homies” helped me jump my car twice last week…hang out while I did my laundry next door…and get on the internet basically every other day…

So let me tell you what I have been up to. When we first arrived to Connecticut at the end of March we checked into the Navy Lodge while awaiting the apartment finalizing paperwork for a couple days. I was very sick with a upper respiratory infection and in bed…And to top we arrived just in time for a snow storm!

First day in CT and its snowing!

So Thursday we signed our lease, maybe March 24? Got everything out of the cars and slept on the all to familiar floor with a comforter and feather bed from the car. Anyway Friday Jason goes to check into Submarine School. And guess what… They disenroll him because of something overlooked on his medical record… So they pull some strings to keep him here in CT, and he is now working as the IDC in the Groton Sub base clinic. There is still a chance he can go to sub school but it is slim. Right now all we know is that we are going to be here for at least two-three years.

Bailey was enjoying the snow I was not impressed

Then the furniture arrives. This was alot of fun. I had to deal with to idiots moving in everything. While they moved all the boxes I had to inventory everything and rush to unpack every box and place everything to make sure everything was accounted for. All within a period of two hours. Then it took these people an hour to put together a stupid coffee table. So after getting rid of them it took another day or so to get everything into place.

Living room

So I had originally positioned the couch against the windows but J wanted the couch in the middle of the room in the other direction.. Trust me…this design that he has in this picture will not last for long.. Everything in the corner is supposed to be our “library area” bookshelf for books and DVDs…we will see I dont like it right now…on the left there is a pretty fire place but it isnt operational so we put pics and candles there.

Our kitchen

So now this past week my concerns have been getting involved with my local church…St. Patricks… I am going to join the choir and the Musical Director I met this past Sunday…he showed me around the choir room and the loft… I am going to join after easter and go to their upcoming concert. Two weeks ago our first time at the church we met Monseigner or Father Tony as he likes to be called. He is so laid back and very cool. Jason likes him alot and so do I. I have done alot of thinking about this and Jason and I have decided we would liked to get married here. We have set a date…. And I will post more about that later… Here is a pic of the church…It is the most beautiful church I have ever seen…

St Pats

Inside the church (took pic before mass started okay)

Kayaks, the River, and my Best Friend

Paige:my bff

To those of you who don’t know this beautiful woman, this is Paige. My best friend. It all started when we went to Syracuse back in 2002 to play Women’s Lacrosse. She played attack, me goalkeep. We were always known as quite a pair while at Syracuse… During training in Syracuse I was the slowest and somehow Paige who was a fast girl was always somewhere in the middle to the back getting reemed by Coach Miller or Trainer Kenya. I would try hard where as Paige would have this look of indifference.

After I left Syracuse, we kept in close touch. By phone, webcam, email. You name it we did it. We both lived in MD/Va area so during our college summers we would spend most of our time with each other. When it came time to grow up and get a job…Paige went to DC and did the Mr. Smith goes to Washington successful career path.. While I bounced from North Carolina to Southern Maryland with jobs with not too much success. Then we met our current men in our lives…and life changed…we both had something to complain to the other about. For the last couple years we still have done mostly long distance since it has mostly never worked out that we have been in the same place for very long.

One thing is for sure that I know about Paige. She has always been a strong supportive force in my life. She tells it like it is. She doesn’t tolerate my bullshit. There are times when we rub each other the wrong way…There are times when the words we say hurt. And there are times that we try to do the best we can just to be there. She did that for me this past weekend. We needed to see each other. It had been way too long since our last visit when she was in CALI for a business trip last spring.

She brought her kayaks down and we went to go play in the river:

This is my favorite picture perhaps ever of the two of us. I couldn’t tell it we were posing for the camera with are arms behind each other or if we were self consciously thinking it would be fun to knock the other over right now:

After chatting and drifting too far away from shore heavy into conversation we paddled back to the house and watched the sunset over the water. I miss those beautiful sunsets. We loaded up the kayaks and I watched as Paige drove away. I was not sad. I was happy. I was happy for her, happy because it wasn’t goodbye…it never is…it is see you later mofo.

Paige and Sarbear @ sunset on Riverwinds Drive